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7 jobs in demand in canada in 2024

 In Canada, employment numbers are on the rise. 2022 has seen a steady improvement in employment statistics and it is expected that this trend will continue in 2023. That said, the landscape of trending occupations in Canada is likely to be different from that which job seekers experienced before the pandemic. Sectors seeing remarkable growth include services, technology, and healthcare, but some of the most promising positions for 2023 are capable of supporting businesses across different industries. So take a look at the occupations below to find out what employers are sure to be looking for this year and next.

1.major account manager

Key Account Managers are tasked with maximizing the potential revenue generated by a company's key customers at all times. They tend to work with large clients or at least those who are a strategic partnership for the company.

In a still tight and competitive market as we gradually emerge from the pandemic, Key Account Managers are critical to the continued success of the business. Their ability to close deals, build lasting relationships, and deliver excellent sales and customer service helps companies retain their most profitable customers, even during unprecedented times like the one we are going through.


As companies increasingly turn to technical solutions, developers are on the rise. This is one of the most in-demand positions in part because companies of all shapes and sizes need developers to build apps for them, to do in-house software development or maintenance. , or help them set up a cloud computing structure or any other computer technology.

One of the lessons learned during the many COVID-19 lockdowns over the past few years is that technology can make or break a business. Those who managed to transition to remote work smoothly and without a hitch generally did much better. Add to that the growing need to rely on data and automation in order to stay competitive, and it's easy to see why so many companies are looking for skilled developers. manager

According to the Government of Canada, more than 19,000 marketing, public relations and advertising manager jobs will be created in Canada by 2028. The growing demand in this sector is due to various reasons, including increased competition and need to manage marketing expenses as wisely as possible. Marketing managers help companies navigate the increasingly complex waters of online and offline marketing, which can include using traditional methods as well as media

social, natural referencing, SEM, soC and website marketing.

4.registered nurse

Health care workers are generally in high demand, so if you’re in the business, there’s probably a vacancy waiting for you. But when it comes to the best jobs in 2022, registered nurses are on the list for reasons other than just job security. Registered nurses can benefit from competitive salaries, excellent benefits and the satisfaction of providing life-saving care to patients. 

According to salary data, registered nurses earn an average of $38.14 per hour, excluding bonuses and benefits, and this trend is on the rise due to the shortage of nurses caused by the pandemic. Registered nurses who are willing to work in more rural areas or in the territories can make an even better living.


While the economy is experiencing spikes in growth following the pandemic, getting raw materials, consumer goods and individuals to their destinations has become a daunting task. And when we talk about the trend jobs, the driver is not left out.

That covers a wide variety of positions. Whether you have the skills to drive large commercial vehicles or the attention to detail required for local deliveries, chances are you will find a suitable vacancy.

6.customer service representative

As businesses in the service sector recover and grow as a result of the pandemic, the number of customer service representative positions is also likely to grow. But what many companies have found over the last few years is that having quality CSRs is always important, especially during difficult times, Consumers need to know that they can speak to someone who is both capable and willing to help them.

Whether you like the sometimes lively nature of customer service on your own, or have the communication and problem-solving skills required to master customer service via email, chat or telephone, companies are looking to recruit candidates with your dynamism and skills.


The Canadian government expects that by 2028, more than 23,000 welding jobs will be created across the country. Employment prospects are likely to be better in regions with strong construction and industrial activity, including British Columbia and Prince Edward Island. That being said, experienced welders are likely to find job opportunities across the country.

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