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UK Visa Application File Requirements 2023

 The United Kingdom, England or Britain The United Kingdom is a beautiful country full of opportunities, which is the reason why most people want to go to the country, whether it is for work, study, pleasure or marriage, especially those who do not have residency, their chances of working are much more in other European countries. However, before booking the ticket, the traveler must obtain a visa to travel. You can apply for a visa online by filling in a visa application form depending on the type of visa and then they will be asked to come to TLS CONTACT UK Visa Service Center on the date of booking your appointment where they will have to submit the required visa application file documents and details other necessary. There are a number of requirements that must be met to obtain a UK visa (Britain - England).

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UK Visa Application

Types of UK visas (Britain - England)

We will mention the most important types of visas required by people, and there are other types of visas:
  • Tourist visa
  • Work visa, academic visit or study visa
  • Transit visa (on your way elsewhere)
  • Partner or family joining visa for long stay
  • Marriage or civil partnership visa
  • Visa for private medical treatment
  • Official diplomatic or government business visa (including transit through the UK)

Documents required to apply for a UK visa (Britain - England)

While applying for a UK visa, applicants must provide certain documents. These documents are listed below and are mandatory. Additional documents may be required depending on the type of visa being applied for and other factors, if any. The most important ones are listed below.

Documents that you must submit from all UK visa applicants (Britain - England)

  1. The UK visa application form to be filled out on the official website and printed. The website link is here
  2. A valid passport (national passport or other document that allows its holder to travel internationally).
  3. Bank statement or current account
  4. Bank statements or letters issued more than one year before the date of application
  5. Employment certificate and salary statement to prove income such as a letter from the employer confirming employment details (work start date, salary, role, contact details of the company or organization you work for)
  6. A letter from your education provider, on a paper headed by the university or institute, confirming your enrollment and leave of absence
  7. If the visa applicant is self-employed
  8. Business registration documents (commercial register) confirming the name of the business owner and the date the business began trading
  9. Business activities - where you are coming to the UK in order to carry out activities related to your profession/work outside the UK you must provide documentation showing what you will be doing in the UK, including any letters from organizations inviting.
  10. Any business activities, for example a letter from your employer explaining the reason for your visit, who you will meet and details of any payment/expenditures
  11. Hotel reservations
  12. An invitation from a person residing in the Kingdom with the availability of financial support for you such as a business, friend or relative, documents to show that they have sufficient resources to support you in addition to themselves and any dependent family must be provided
  13. flight reservations
  14. Copies of bank cards
  15. Evidence of car or real estate ownership to ensure that you will return to your country
  16. travel insurance
  17. Educational certificates (unless specifically listed)

All documents must be originals and not photocopies. Submission of these documents does not guarantee the success of your application and you should keep this in mind when making any reservations.

If you send a document in Arabic, it must be accompanied by a complete translation that can be independently verified by the Ministry of Interior. Each translated document must contain the following:

  • Confirmation by the translator that it is an accurate translation of the original document
  • Translation date
  • The translator's full name and signature
  • Translator contact details

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