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Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA): How to apply

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA): How to apply

Applying for an eTA is a simple online process. Most applicants get their eTA approval (via an email) within minutes. However, some requests 
can take several days to process if you're asked to submit supporting documents. It is best to get an eTA before you book your flight to Canada.

What you need to complete the form and pay for your eTA

You will need:
  • a valid passport from a visa-exempt country
  • a valid email address, AND
  • one of the following acceptable methods of payment to pay the $7 CAD fee (non-refundable):
    • Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®,
    • a pre-paid Visa®, Mastercard® or American Express®,
    • Visa Debit, or Debit Mastercard,
    • UnionPay®
    • JCB Card®, or
    • Interac®.

Important reminders

  • You can only apply and pay for one person at a time. For example, for a family of three, you will need to complete and submit the form three times.
  • Make sure you print your receipt right away. You won't be able to print it later or receive a copy of it.
  • You will hear from us by email only. Check your junk mail folder.
  • Your information can't be saved. You have limited time to complete the form, however, you can extend your session if you need a few more minutes. When the “Session timeout warning” box appears, click the “Continue session” button. Review the help document to make sure you have everything you need to complete the form.

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