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Writing a Canadian-style resume

How to Write a Datasheet for Work in Canada 

To work in Canada or to obtain a work permit in Canada, you must apply for online job offers through Canada's official job placement sites.
We have already addressed the methods of submission either through our videos or through the blog, where we challenged the lmia contracts and how to apply for these contracts.
As you know, applying to a guest both inside and outside Canada requires you to send your own biographies, which must be in Canada's way, to be accepted. This makes me show you how to write a Canadian CV. What is the CV in Canadian CV?
1. Writing the correct biography in a correct language free from linguistic errors2. Do not put a personal picture is not required and not recommended3. No date and place of increase Points to be coded in Canadian biographies:
1. Name, title and full address2. The name of the applicant3. Your efficiency that allows you to apply for the job3. Professional experience from the most recent to the oldest, where you must reflect the name of the job and its history and the tasks that you were doing5. Your certificates and configurations from the latest to the oldest6. Languages ​​and computer systems that you know7. Your voluntary work

To download a copy of my autobiography please click here CV québec.docx - 20 KB

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